Lemme Take U Away

Something I haven’t mentioned: the Brits have been killing the past year: dubstep expanded and stayed blowing my fing mind with evil sub-bass and cold melodies. Lots of people were jacked on that Burial record, which was good enough and yet at the same time, totally overrated. Producers like Pinch, Caspa (“Cockney Violin” is my shit), Kode9, Black Jack made beats that were to me, more complex, scarier, and more likely to inspire me to interpretive dance and/or pop klonapins under blacklight.
Also P.S. I am way into this lady Sadie Ama – I dig how she takes lite breaths like Aaliyah and yet can drop a line like “boy, that chick is loose” – I like my R&B pulling zero punches (and reminiscent of Blaque’s “808”). Let that language roll like a boulder. Smash. “Take You Away” is produced by DaVinChe, who’s made beats for Kano, Shystie, etc. Brit R&B singers aren’t shy about putting the neo / nu in the soul, I’ve found, but when they coagulate with their grimy counterparts (Sadie broke out in ’04 singing hooks for grime rapper Kano), watch it: as the Ghost Town DJs can tell you, an R&B melody w/a heaping helping of low-end is a lethal dancefloor combo. I wonder if I can parcel my part out and live sometimes in Atlanta, sometimes in London, sometimes in Miami Dade County Florida. In a wormhole maybe. Where the dancing spirits live.

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