Hurley Reyes

It may just be a coincidence, but since LOST started killing off the island’s people of color (eko, analucia – rose and michael are absent enough they might as well be dead) it has gotten way less interesting (eko and analucia were two of the most interesting characters – not that i have any doubt eko will totally be resurrected). But last night, they played up Hurley’s background in the “latino” episode – and CHEECH IS TOTALLY HIS DAD! That part was great. At first i was like, why are they pulling a reverse-Selena w/Cheech because i thought hurley was supposed to be puerto rican, but I learned from Hurley’s wikipedia entry that he is in fact “Latino,” which just means he can be played by Lou Diamond Phillips (or Yul Brenner) if Jorge Garcia (current Hurley) ever moves on to better projects. Then I found out that Jorge Garcia the actor is Chilean and Cuban, so I’m now all manner of confused. I mean, in the episode his mom covered the jesus statue’s ears when she spoke on sex — but she could be pentacostal for all we know (she IS from L.A.). As the t-shirt says – I’m not Hispanic – I’m not Latino – I’M MEXICAN, PENDEJO! WTF!

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  1. jfk says:

    Um, first off, they got kicked off the show because they both got arrested and kicked off the real life island (DUI,etc) and second, stop ruining it for me Julz, I havent seen that episode yet!

  2. I’m convinced that once everyone’s reunited (Jack, Locke, Saayid, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, Jin, Sun, Claire, the Hobbit, –the OGs — and hopefully Desmond ) the show will right itself. Last night’s episode was a diversion, but at least a clever, quasi-uplifting one.
    Fuck happened to Rose and Bernard?

  3. ritchey says:

    omg I HATED ANALUCIA. She was so horrible and a terrible actor and a really obnoxious person. Just shooting everybody!!! I hated her and her weird mean face. I also hated Libby. The fact that they both died in the same episode was a cool stoker for me, I have to admit, although I deeply feel your “people of color” call.
    Also, they had to kill Eko because one of his parents died or something and he wanted to go home to england or wherever he’s from. Eko was a legit character, too, it sucks.

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