Restless Legs Syndrome

PSA I think it’s a real thing, not just a commercial / pharmaceutical ploy.
the feminist art wing of the brooklyn art museum opens on the 31st – new permanent home for Judy Chicago’s “dinner party.”
Honestly I think vaginal representations in art are obvious and sort of gross, especially whilst “ON A PLATE,” but I mean, it was the ’70s and everyone was into body politics and/or cocaine. Excited for some of the multimedia stuff, installations, etc.

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  1. Michael says:

    This is totally real. An old girlfriend and her roommate both had it. It was quite weird and shamefully funny. The end of the comforter would just start suddenly shooting up into the air like her feet were possessed by demons. Thankfully, she mentioned it prior.

  2. caps says:

    It is real. It’s hell.
    I remember I first had bouts with it about a year before the drugs came on the market and goddamn I was flummoxed and frustrated. I remember feelin so dumb trying to explain it: I, uhh, couldn’t fall the fuck asleep because my fuckin legs wouldn’t stop twitchin.
    Now, I’ve never fucked with the RLS drugs – luckily, the problem has since abated for me – but still I guess in some way I’m glad to know they’re out there, even with all the acknowledged ramifications of living in our drug-saturated, prescription/gratification American pharmaculture.

  3. jshepitude says:

    OMG I THINK I HAVE IT! Get me some lunestra STAT

  4. ViewsAskew says:

    Oh, it’s real alright. I’ve had it since I was about fourteen or so – I’m in my forties now. It’s a nightmare – truly. I hate the ads on one hand – many people who have it, well it’s mild and they shouldn’t take meds. Also, other things can get it under control and cause it – need to look for those things before taking meds. But, on the other hand, I love those ads. People like Caps now know what the problem is. And, thankfully those of us who NEED medication for this problem now have more options.

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