Two members of my myspace Top 8 converge. Mo’s running the NY Underground Film Festival almost singlehandedly for the second/third year in a row. Jumps off tonight, dont forget to attend. I, too recommend Tube Time. It’s so fun. I’m a little bitter cuz last year I totally got erroneously bested by Kyle Smith in “Google Me This!” the pre-YouTube google video equivalent of Tube Time. I think Michael Bell Smith won with a bunch of like 14 year old ballerinas in hot pink leotards having Nintendo breaking contests. Or some shit. Anyway Tube Time is like an online video thrift-score contest. I would tease out my point if i hadn’t already been on teh internet all day. word em up

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  1. mojiggityjo says:

    kendra levin is the queen bee! she bested mbs with carstuckgirls. who will take the tube time crown this year? tube time (if you google it) is actually an establishment that kids in bellingham used for birthday parties. by the way, i am drunk from sponsored liquore and already “crushin” on like 4 hipsters – what would the nyuff be without (you??). last year kyle was biting it’s true – i think he said something brilliant that referenced susan sontag’s obituary. this year we’re screening regarding the pain of susan sontag (notes on camp) so it comes full cirucle, plus the gong is acutally going to be a trash can lid, and my brother is like george miles to festival staff. aka I DONT NEED TO SEEEEEEEEE tHaT! thanx for the lov girl

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