gonna back it up

2007 summer jam: it’s already been “Get it Shawty” for like eight months.
Been finally hearing shit from cars, weather what it is, and it’s like digging up treasure: Lloyd’s baby-oil hot voice is pure steam slinking in and out the outer space bell synths in a car stereo. The bass pops, drops, locks: the weight of thrum in the spring air. BUT SCREWED?!?! Pure mango chutney and a klonapin, a brain mash. LOVE THIS.

Do you live in NYC? Do you know an amazing tattoo artist? Who, why and where? I’m leaning towards NY Adorned cuz they come w/recommendations but I want to be sure. Looking for ppl who are adept at fonts. (Yes, I’m getting Lloyd’s name tattooed w/a heart. duhhhhh)

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