mobilize it. don’t fight it.

Mark Anthony Neal writes a very cogent piece about hip-hop attacks vs. hip-hop voters over at my summer home. (So does Ben, for that matter. And Murph, too.)
William Jefferson Creeley, who is fighting the good fight even when he is talking in hockey slang, forwarded this piece about female bloggers fielding sexual threats. And how it makes some women quit – not because they are scared of the blog comments, per se, but because those threats have real-life implications. And women who are acutely aware of day to day power dynamics between men and women aren’t trying to invite dudes who cross the boundaries visibly armed and aiming.
I forgot to tell you about my dance class last week with a new teacher – a class which was basically an hour of glorified freaking said teacher, who was allegedly gay – gay, perhaps, like the new man fashion designer character on ugly betty, aka “not gay.” All I’m gonna say is, he took off his pants to “I Need a Boss” and there was hand-to-abs contact. Haven’t yet decided if I will go back.
What is this post about? Body and soul, friends. I am 50 mind, 50 flesh. Also, free association. I’m an insomniac. Can’t sleep. Somebody slip me a scrip.

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  1. bubblez says:

    i fuckin hate you fukin stupid ass hore bitch ass hole fukin pice of shit

  2. jsheppin u senseless says:

    hahahaha. touche!

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