Loose off the Goose.
Got him on the chase like cranberry juice.

Spent seven hours on the set of a video shoot for my favorite under-30 R&B singer today. There was some notion to get in the shot, to dance or put my hands up at the time when Misdemeanor said it was time to, but I was lacking in pro make-up, short-shorts or a union card, and I am trying to make my first on-cam experience off-cam, anyway, as an up-and-coming oldish (for the biz) choreogenius.
Talked to Keysh. She is tiny, much tinier than I thought she’d be. Eyes dressed in beautiful hot-pink shadow, fake lashes that fanned out like the soft frond off a peacock feather. Her front teeth are small, a physical trait I always find endearing on people, I don’t know why. She was all about ladies doing our own thing. It seems the last two-three years have healed her dagger-in-heart gait (I know, I have the tour t-shirt ) and wrought that epiphany moment when you realize you can’t play yourself for the sake of a dude – that it is, as ever, about YOU. (Actually, she said so. Her last album was about (points her finger out) her next album will be about (points her finger to her heart).)
Missy is who you think she’s gonna be: she just fuckin sparkles like no one you know, but has the same extra-cool-with-jokes air of your best friend (yes she reminded me of Ms. Connie Wohn, for those in the know). She was wearing diamonds and a bathrobe. My management company wants me to tell yall i’m in the bathrobe, this is not how I dress… she said into our little webcam… but I’m not worried about it. And smiled a GAZILLION WATTS. Her drop was like, “IF YOU DONT WATCH MY INTERVIEW, I’m gonna COME TO YA HOUSE AND FIND YA. HOLLA!” A gem, but obviously the persona’s just the surface. There was an undercurrent of sweetness to her. Kept thinking about what I know about her childhood – how she was in an abusive situation as a little girl and wrote letters to Michael Jackson, asking him to come rescue her. Can’t remember where I read that but it was years back and it stuck.

Missy has the Rihanna bob haircut now and it looks terrific.
Lil Kim looks healthy. This white photographer kept trying to take photos of her leg and gold stiletto heel, and she posed for him against the wall, lifting her foot up, gamely.
More later today. I gotta go to the gym and get my haircut. (Cause it is, as ever, about me. HOLLA!)

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  1. jeff says:

    Whoa! Missy and Connie–now THAT would be an unbeatable combo…

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