How a NYC make-up hub explains the demise of magazines: free shit.
So I was in Sephora today (full disclosure: I felt stanky and was seeking a spritz) (Stella in Two: Amber – because I love a fragrance with an addendum – in case you’re buying) and thinking about how many NYC chicas I know pop into the chain make-up hub for a lipgloss touch-up en route dates, parties, shows, or the office. (Bacteria: don’t ask, don’t tell.) When i went in for the perfume, there were about 40 other chicks doing the same thing. Some people check in and put on their entire face. Beeline for the bourgie shit – Chanel, Nars, Dior – and bounce w/out buying a thing.
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Ok this idea is half baked.
Now that Vixen’s gone (rip and love to you chicas)… if Teen Vogue goes out of business… what the f am I supposed to look at? where am i supposed to be fashion inspired? seriously. i’m only wearing all tap-dance costumes from now on.

I know this is like real high class turmoil right now – the blog equivalent of retail therapy. And the shopping-mall smell is so fucking mesmerizing. I can almost feel the scent of Cinnabon seeping into my skin.

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