we are banning the word / concept of “melisma,” now. that shit hasn’t been relevant since before mary met kendu. seriously. let’s retire it.
Better yet:
Day after Tomorrow fan fiction. It exists. Speaking of nerds, you can now train how to be Spiderman in the privacy of your own home. Speaking of nerds, here is an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario and Zelda (!), talking about the Wii (!!). God bless that man. Speaking of nerds, you need to read the NY Times magazine cover story on robot emotions from Sunday. Speaking of nerds, you have to read the NY Times mag piece on the etymology – and racialization – of the word “nerd.” Shout to Black Nerds Network. Shout to James Hannaham.
Side note. At some point in probably 2003, I was at this dismal outdoor BBQ / frat bar in Austin, TX (which is now apparently being sued by ASCAP for having DJs) with James Hannaham, cringing/gawking at the most ill-advised /amazing rock-rap performance by none other than Vanilla Ice, when he (Hannaham) turned to me and said:
“The problem with rubbernecking is that sometimes you actually see the accident.”
I’ll never forget it. The man’s wit is withering.
and for everybody who didn’t come to my block party saturday – you missed the world’s best Aunt Jackie contest among 14 eight-year-olds ever. more on that when i’m not on like five deadlines. you definitely want to come next year.
j escobedo shepherd, MD (a smooth operator)

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  1. Bnn says:

    Word to the NERD
    Keep spreading the word.
    Much Re-specs Bnn

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