Dudes, Fader homies just posted up this exclusive Strokes film to go along with their 50th issue. I care about that much about the the Strokes and the film is shot in Warholian pseudo-art “no sound, gritty film quality,” (aka “I am being lazy but will still get over because you think i am cool”) but I think this video is valuable for when I publish the next issue of my fanzine, Modern Haircutz ‘n’ Pageantry. (Web version coming Spring ’08.)
Faded radio returns to east village radio this Friday. Tune in Tokyo. But if you try to touch my nipples with out asking, I’ll smack that. In a way you will not like.

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2 Responses to STROKE ME STROKE ME

  1. mo says:

    girl, warhol is actual art!

  2. Woundup says:

    there should be a 10-year moratorium on nostalgic scene retrospectives. this shit happened just four years ago. i know this clod is dying to tell us how many backstage doors he had personally slammed in his face by daf bands, but keep it in yer pants till after 2010, please.

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