My mom is doing great, and thanks to all for the crossed fingers and nice emails.
Little known fact: tumors on the heart are incredibly rare and almost always benign. They found one on my mom’s ventricle or some shit and took it off, but the surgeon hadn’t seen one in ten years.
But yes, she is recovering faster than they even expected. Escobedos strong like ox. We have awesome genes, too, btw. Healthy and long-living. I really should procreate just to help evolution. Ha.
1. Estelle has a blog, and it’s pretty cool.
2. The new album by questionably employed rapper Y@k B@allz is entitled “SciFientology II.” Here is my review: YAK BALLZ ON YO PHILIP K. DICK!
Also, does Yak Ballz stand for rapping his cojones off, or a llama’s nuts? I am so confused.

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  1. I had to search around a bit to find this update on your mother’s condition. I’m glad things went so well. Here’s to many more long years of health.

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