Yo the fashion section of the Times today is wild downtown hipster. I would just like to say I have been rocking a pair of these for like three years now, except they are brown-and-black pony fur instead of white:

I get down with fake animal prints like what – my favorite being python – I will buy fake python ANYTHING. (Welll… almost.) I have like 97 pairs of python print shoes, including this joan & david peeptoe wedge and my new favorite, these insanely awesome, kinda impressionistic turquoise python mules by Poetic Licence that are like SO CBGBs Debbie Harry I want to wear them every day. Minimal leopard, but I do dig some – when u overload with leopard you can come out looking vaguely rockabilly, which is obviously a PROBLEM (unless you are frigging Diablo Cody, god forbid) – but the current shit i’m rocking are these dope purple leopard stretch pants from Tripp NYC, which I got at Trash & Vaudeville, which obvs is like a punk/goth store but don’t front – they have mega unique stuff that kinda gives breadth to your non punk goth wardrobe, plus if you are a “nobody else has these” shoe freak, their downstairs store (Trash) is heaven. Though everytime I’m in there I’m halfway tempted to buy a pair of hot pink patent doc martens, just cause, like… whoa. Don’t worry, I haven’t. I am waiting until I hear a nu rave group that I like.

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  1. charlie says:

    You post too much crap.

  2. charlie says:

    You post too much crap.

  3. jshep says:

    so stop reading?

  4. JDate says:

    Why knock Diablo Cody.

  5. templeton says:

    Buyers market out there.

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