I can’t believe the outrage! Hey people I LIKE FASHION & BEAUTY. I read these fashion blogs everyday:
The Fashion Bomb
Chic & Untroubled
M.I.S.S. Crew
And Teen Vogue and Vogue and whatever else. I know plurality is confusing, but I believe it is possible to give a fuck about Obama, feminism, Latin American politics + sociology, global poverty and global warming and genocide while still being interested in the sartorial arts.
ANNND = Diablo Cody’s movie, so self-absorbed and weirdly pat in its abortion dismissal, would have sucked without Ellen Page. And she is annoying on talk shows. But I’ll save my Juno script critique for when it is not 7:26 AM.

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2 Responses to O THE HUMANITY

  1. akmat nzamad says:

    “Really? Fingernails?”
    Did you see 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days? Apparently it’s the hangover from the 9 month night out served by Knocked Up and Juno.
    But wait, doesn’t anyone remember Trust? That movie was a wall-eyed quirkfest but still took time to deal with the issue beyond “really, fingernails?” Or was it that much time? I saw it a long time ago on tv and everything I’ve seen from Hartley since then has been annoyingly offbeat, and annoyingly aware of its offbeatness to the point where it offbeats itself off, but hartley’s ideas generally feel worth getting behind despite the bad construct. And done!

  2. Syl says:

    “So it came a bit late, but here’s the first entry in my weekly WIRE review column. This shit’s a rundown but it’ll get better as it goes along, PROMISE like remixed kellz.”
    What happened to that PROMISE? Are you still doing “Through the Wire” at Vibe or didja stop at two?

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