1. Why I hate Vampire Weekend.
2. Why I hate Diablo Cody, spurred on by Sasha (excerpt from an email exchange ‘tween us RE: Juno):
DUDE I AM SO GROSSED OUT BY THAT MOVIE. Not Ellen Page, who is adorable, nor J. Garner (tho she is mostly monocharacterized, of course, as the shrewy, baby-fiending wife that keeps her cool husband down, even with the denouement) or Michael Cera (also adorable). But I’m really bummed at the nonchalant stick-shaking towards the topic of abortion. At first I thought it was because she was a teenager, and that’s how she was supposed to deal with it. But she shows such great emotional clarity in every other aspect that it seems more like Diablo Cody’s kind of half-assed way of advancing the script – cause she knew any preggers teen would consider abortion.
And also freaked out by the amt of anti-abortion (in principle if not stance) movies that have come out this year.
Anyway, I also hated it because I found it such a wannabe ’90s indie film renaissance movie – “If I Were a Carpenter”? Seriously? – which made all the teen dialogue unbelievable, like I knew they were Diablo’s nostalgic grunge mouthpiece. And the bad slang. Did you hate it?

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  1. JENN says:

    Re: abortion/JUNO- I’m so glad this is finally being addresed. I’m feeling some serious bad vibes, between JUNO & KNOCKED UP.
    So, thanks.

  2. Rachael says:

    haha – I am not a fan of Vampire Weekend either. I think their music is boring.
    But I am both pro-choice and pro-Juno.

  3. dee says:

    i think it was oversimplified because she IS a teen (and because it’s in Canada). I’ll agree that it was a wannabe 90s vibe to it but i loved the movie.

  4. Erica Brown says:

    I loved the movie. I honestly don’t know why so many people are up in arms about it addressing abortion. It’s not a new subject and definitely not something that other shows & movies haven’t touched on at least once or twice.

  5. JFK says:

    yeeah! Fuck that stupid banana republic advert of a band! fo real

  6. Sarah says:

    I miss you. My life is not nearly as fun when your face isn’t in it.
    On the upside, I’m about to be famous in Kuwait…

  7. Steve Schroeder says:

    oh jona!
    you didn’t HATE it.
    i sat next to you. you were laughing.
    the 90s romanticism and “elitist music nerd talk” was unbearable.
    turns out it is hard to make funny movies about abortions so these ones went the other way.

  8. Kevin says:

    I liked Juno for what it was. A benign little teen comedy. The abortion thing was, yeah, just a lame way to advance the plot, sure, but i didn’t see finger wagging as much as an acknowledgment that yeah, it is actually difficult for some kids. An approach to adolescent sexuality that lands neither in alarmist or American Pie territory should be welcome.
    I like the idea of “yuppie in a soundgarden t-shirt as villain.”
    For the record, Sasha ripping on Kimya Dawson is tasteless and meanspirited.
    In conclusion, why is Jona reading the Wall St Journal?

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