Excellent, inspiring piece in the Times on Future First Lady Michelle Obama. AKA my new feminist role model.
The author totally daughters H-Rod, setting Michelle up as the better Bill to a better candidate. And she even managed to write it without any of that “CURIO/other” subtext that was in that awful Vogue profile a few months back. Imagine!

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3 Responses to WONDER WOMAN

  1. icechewer says:

    I think I will use this Kiss photo as my valentine card:)
    Let’s hope it all works out. There are some polls out there saying that Hillary is leading in double digits in TX and OH. The best way to help is probably to phone bank…..

  2. Y. Fame says:

    Obama all the way.

  3. ezra says:

    See how REAL that kiss looks! Now compare it to all those awkward politician photos where they coldly peck their wives for a photo-op.
    That shit is real.

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