Extremely tired of:
1. Feminists, particularly upper-middle-class white second waver feminists in the media and academic elite, who accuse the women who don’t for H-Rod on principle as a betrayal of feminism. Pardon my francais, but you all need to sit the fuck down until you realize that “WOMEN” does not solely equate to fellow upper middle class white second wavers who share your ideals. In the meantime, please read this very interesting piece by the brilliant Melissa Harris-Lacewell, Princeton professor of politics and African American studies.
2. Journalists covering the tragedies of inschool shootings who disproportionately DONT cover that youth get murdered every day by their peers, by their parents, by police.
3. The mfers who wrote the economics article in the Times that said equal goods-consumption in rich and poor homes meant that the poor weren’t bad off, which prompted this very astute response from the people.

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  1. rachel says:

    you and me both, sister.

  2. rachel says:

    you and me both, sister.

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