I have been driven to the ass-edge of loco by the amount of dance classes I’ve attended in the past two months wherein the teachers (or students) insist we perform our routine to Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine.” The song is wonderful, yes, and is super-fast for maximum cardio and super-empowering for extreme face contortions / FEELING within the choreography but like yo, has there been no music released since that last MJB album? Can I get a Big Noyd single or something from the G Unit mixtape one time? We Got it for Cheap 3? No?
I long for the days when we did crunches to “Ridin Dirty,” before the teacher with the good taste in music quit dancing to become a life coach.
Only today, at my lyrical ballet (shut up) class, after we warmed up to Rufus Wainwright, our routine was to this sullen dark ballad I had never heard before:

It sounds like it was probably on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (unconventional beat structure; layers of female vocals; dramatic / confessional lyrics) but apparently it dropped in 2002 before there was even independent music on television shows (pre-OC!) or myspace.

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