Hot Abs, I forgot, is out of town doing dance workshops and choreography or something, so we had a sub who taught us a really great dance to “Low.” But even the interminable soda-pop-fizz of T-Pain did not put a damper in the Mary J Blige “Just Fine” running dance-class obsession streak – wherein it was literally the NINTH WEEK OF DANCE CLASSES BY DIFFERENT TEACHERS THAT MADE US DANCE TO IT. Lord, dear ol’ Lord, I AM TIRED of this shit. Dear GOD OF RIAA, PLEASE MAKE MJB DROP ANOTHER SINGLE ASAP. THX.
On the way home Devin the Dude’s “Broccoli and Cheese” came on the iPod – which is definitely one of the funniest rap tracks ever put to wax, and certainly the best-ever mournful acoustic hip-hop joint about a dude getting no play, that permutates a rapper’s manatomy with a vegetable: “my dick’s so clean you can boil it with collard greens.” Too funny. However, it makes me think of two disturbing things: A. visualizing Devin’s dick and B. visualizing Devin’s dick like it’s a snausage.

snausage smoking cigarette

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