With all brain-juice funnelling into my new post, where I am HBIC partly because I am the only BIC and partly because I am so fuckin H, time for anything but work-related typing is rarer than your fatty toro. And, much of said typing would be either redundant or completely boring for anyone but the nerdily magazine-obsessed. But I do have a few things to say. First off, this Friday’s FADER radio was one of my favorites ever, because we played all music related to our Africa issue (mostly hiplife from Ghana, lest any deans and/or peens deem it necessary to take my specificity to task and/or publicly renounce our friendship – LO mfin L!). It’s possibly the happiest FADER radio ever, and Peter Macia told excellent stories about his trip to Ghana for the hiplife story, most of which ended in Pete’s partaking of the kush and forgetting his own name.
In anticipation of Oscars, I watched Gone Baby Gone to see if Casey Affleck has a fighting chance, and he does a terrific job as a Dorchester P.I. tryna find a missing little girl amid a cop scandal while dealing with larger ethical issues, but even for Lahane the storyline is pretty rote blue-collar noir aka Departed much? Mystic River, etc. It’s nice to see Amy what’s her face and Michael K Williams outside the Wire tho and do not get it twisted, I would rather see a semi-tired storyline about cops and ethics than a semi-tired storyline about two unlikely bumbling yet adorable lovers a la Fool’s Gold, which I couldn’t even watch for free on the internet at my most desperate for escapism.
Happy birthday to Huny and Jazzbo both and I’m sorry I didn’t hit up either of your parties.
More after this afternoon’s dance class with HOT ABS.

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  1. dee says:

    have you forgotten that the word ‘dance’ cannot be mentioned without my name by you?
    congrads again on the job and i have a few pitch ideas which involve me interviewing my favorite gossip girl in the spaceshuttle…

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