Pete and I had a terrific (and funny!) interview with Re-up Gang’s Sandman and Ab-Liva* today. Watch for the video up at the sugar shack sometime soon but one interesting moment we didnt catch on camera was sandman, positing that the aftermath of Obama’s hopefully imminent election will be akin to Y2K – everyone’s hoping it goes down smoothly, but even still people are very fucking afraid of the aftermath. The aftermath not being like “oh it will be bad” if he is elected but more like “oh the non-Obama folks in the country will wig the fuck out” – more like the uncertainty is frightening. I think he was alluding to the fear that someone will try to harm Obama if he makes it like that. Still, B-Rock is the unstoppable. As you will see, at one point Sandman, a Pennsylvania resident, looked straight into the camera and with grave face and gravel voice, was like: “I CANT WAIT TO VOTE.” That’s April 22 for PA, in case u didn’t know.
*A Major Figga! My favorites.

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