I didn’t watch the debates (I was at work until 11 pm!*) but SERIOUSLY??? Um, maybe the press is giving him “preferential treatment” because he is the first candidate that people actually FEEL OKAy about voting for and actually LIKE since Bill Clinton’s first run. AND! Maybe “clips of Mrs. Clinton increasingly illustrate the tale of a campaign derailed” because she A. posited herself from the beginning as a foregone conclusion, as if we had no choice in the matter and therefore B. totally overlooked the viability of Obama?
I mean she’s desperate, but still… she stays pissing me off.
*I haven’t closed a magazine or paper as a senior-level editor since 2004 when I was still arts editrix of PDX Mercury and YO! I forgot about these 13-hour days and last minute art-hunting moments and having to pee for three hours but having so much to do you can’t leave your desk and then when you finally get to the bathroom, you realize your eyeliner has been smeared down your left eye since… when? Lunchtime? Was it like that when you did your interview? Fuck… and then reconsidering your whole face-painting game. Well, wow! Closing is exhausting and exhilirating. On the subway home today I was thinking… “THIS IS WHAT I LOVE.” And you have to, because there is no time for anything else really. Dear God of fortuitousness, thank you for making me single right now.

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  1. Sean says:

    This is exactly I’m a haggard-looking dude every third week of the month.

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