This is Alex’s (XXXCHANGE) remix for Santogold’s “L.E.S. Artistes.” I have been dying for it to be out all official like – I put it on my last year’s top 10 singles list because A. it is fucking awesome and B. when Alex played it for me right after he completed I made him replay it like three more times. Then I made him send it to me so I could listen to it all day everyday, and I didn’t leak it, but I did title it in my iTunes “THE GREATEST SONG OF ALL TIME.” I really feel like as a producer, his creativity and brilliance is so off the chain he is going to be one of those people who is still doing dope shit in 20 years – he is a Quincy Jones or Phil Spector of the downtown dance generation (the oughties’ answer to Jellybean Benitez?). Don’t get it twisted; Naeem is Spank Rock’s starpower, but Alex was the creative mastermind behind yoyoyoyoyoetc. And I know that Santi wants to stay doing her new wave dub rock shit, but I am really pulling for a full XXXChange-produced Santogold album.
Also go cop that Kills album he produced, I think he gets a point.
Speaking of brilliant friends, I hope you know that Older Men nee LEMON RED is BACK IN FULL EFFECT. Go visit it and leave nice comments so Chris never again stops blogging. Also please request Lost-related posts. Thanks.

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3 Responses to REMIXES U WANT

  1. ezra says:

    Your HTML for that song is all broken and shit. And to think, you spent all that money on the “Learning Annex Presents: How to Ca$h in on the Music Blog Craze” workshop.

  2. Jo Escobedo says:

    We just watched the video Kelsi Rae made for you. (January 28)
    Bob wanted to say:
    I love you Julianne.
    And we miss your cousin-sister Kelsi “Genius” a lot and love her too, in a Fair and Balanced way of course. The beautiful Character that the wonderful little girl portrayed is actually our Daughter incarnate. She’s been missing all these years since you grew up!!! Jewels, my life has purpose again, thanks so much. Talk to you soon.
    Tri-Polar, Tri-Poller, and of course Tri-Pollster

  3. akmat nzamad says:

    I don’t know if you saw SNL last night, but Ellen Page’s monologue totally ripped into Diablo Cody’s overwrought dialogue, via Andy Samberg in full Cody oscar night getup. I’m curious if Diablo was game or if her and Page are “over.”

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