SXSW was wilde times – you can see the fruits of our labor (LOTS OF LABOR) at Shangri-Laborious. We’ll put up a lot more tomorrow, like the best David Banner show ever and my in-depth conversation with Bun B about politics and secret BBQ spots in Austin. High / Low Points: David Banner’s sweaty 10-minute hug mid-song, watching Ice Cube watch Kid Sister perform, watching Chad Hugo and Pharrell watch Spank Rock perform (and knowing lyrics!?), watching Lost in my hotel room at like 3 am, everything Lykke Li has ever done and will ever do again, CHORIZO VEGETARIANO!!!!, watching Dri play nice shit in the sunlight. Also dear Mexico City, please keep your hands off my boyfriends in Chikita Violenta. Thanks good night. No really, I have to read some more of this unstoppable Richard Price book before I crash out – he gets the pitch perfect of “land rush” L.E.S. denizens – old timers, young youth (of both the hipsters and PJ’s varieties), interlopers, yuppies who complain about the noise (in new york!), cop shop talk, waiter life, etc. It’s real and excellent and called Lush Life and i’m only on page 34 but will let you know how it unfolds.

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  1. Flowers says:

    just heard a Dri song today on one of those Cornerstone Players (#76). I loved it (plus I graduated from KU (Lawrence, KS–her homebase, I think). I’m just scared to listen to her whole album, for fear of . . .well, you know . . .gas.

  2. dairy says:

    Lykke Li is awesome.

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