I can’t just leave it at that. This is Ray J Norwood, Brandy’s little brother. Me and Will, fellow hardcore Brandy fan, were marvelling at this today. I mean, donde esta Brandy? Yes she is dealing with the unfortunate circumstances of her car accident. And maybe she is still pissed off at Ray J for MTV Punk’ng her that one time. But like, did Ray J just emerge as the least likely of the yungin young dudes to actually come out strong w/out really clowning himself? Despite my now-faded Omarion obsession, deep down I thought it was gonna be Bow Wow, whose last kinda hot solo album and short PR stint as Ciara’s diminuitive boyfriend required at least a moderate amount of swag. But then he started getting jealous of Chris Brown and kinda acting like un bebe and did that record with Omarion where they were all talking about “panties off, we grown men now” but they didn’t do it with the aplomb Ray J did on his new album. And that’s even without the sex tape. The thing I like about Ray J’s totally sex crazed new record is that he approaches it in a super healthy way. He just kind of likes it, and therefore talks about it a lot. Even his songs about the stripper, it’s an appreciation, but it’s not misogy, it’s just like… well, it’s just like he is kind of happy. He is pumped that that girl is there, and there is no hate, or even a very overt power dynamic, involved. He seems like he has good self-esteem.

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  1. ryan says:

    i think Detail was bumping tim/cee-lo’s “i’ll be around” before he dropped by the studio to bang out “sexy can i.”

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