It’s telling that everytime I say “We’re closing the magazine” to non-mag folks they think I mean “our mag is ending” rather than what I really mean “this issue is finishing up and going to print.” Everyone: unless someone tells you that and they are crying and /or hysterical (but not necessarily if they look like shit and / or delirious), it means the next issue is shipping to the printer! And the book will live another day!
P.S. I found time between closing the book today to indulge my intensivo Ray J obsession, don’t sleep on the best album of possibly… ever? Thanks to YouPorn for research materials. Heh. Sigh.

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  1. mo says:

    dude – not fair: that I have not slept in 6 days and am living in squalor and could probably fill a plastic mold of my body at least 3/4 full of tequila based on what I’ve consumed in the last week. NO JUDGEMENTS

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