Thank you for coming back to me. I know you… I know where you stand… I know what you represent and what you are worth. I stick my card into the machine, and you come back with the actual numbers, not a double speak that actually translates to “you are poor [especially in this country].” We are on an even plane.
I have been to an unnamed European country and another EU country that, retardedly or smartly, does not euse euros, and now I am back, and it feels awesome and melacholy at once. For the beauty, mostly. I never thought I would see the Alps in my lifetime… never dreamed them… but there they were, by accident and so wholly beyond me.
We have a new roommate who programs computers and does capoeria. We decided on him 3 hours after I deboarded an 18 hour plane journey. He is awesome and that is not even the JET LAG talking.
I’ll be more specific about my European Vacation (no Wally World) in two months when the article is published. More very soon.

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  1. ezra says:

    Welcome back.
    America went to shit while you are gone.

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