If I may get so fashiony on you, this dress has become my summer staple. It has saved many a sweat gland, espesh during the heat wave, by not stickily attaching its jersey self to my body. I think I’ve worn it once a week since the beginning of May. And today, I’m wearing it to Sean’s engagement soiree (happy engagement dear ol friend), with red patent kitten heel sandals (I had to go with how it was styled on pixie market), a clear star necklace purchased for $5 from girlprops to cover up the greasy grease stain I can’t get out after I fucking dropped some artichoke appetizer on my boob at dinner one time, a red-white-and-blue sash around mi head. Shitloads of lipgloss. AND: my marlies dekkers black “kissing you” bra with the straps sticking out from the back, which frankly makes the outfit. Sidebar Marlies Dekkers is this dutch lingerie company that operates on the philosophy that your bra should be part of your outfit, and has this kind of lite bondagy strappy thing going that is not trashy (mostly) but just kind of sexy and avant-garde. They are not sold stateside but are opening a store in Soho at some point in the future. Let’s do this.
Also: CROOKERS TONIGHT AT WEBSTER HALL. They are who I was in Europe with not so long back, the secret story I was working on that is out now in FADER 55. I went to Milan to interview them, spent a lot of time with their Jack Russell terrier Spino / Spinacchio (spliff/spinach) and their cool girlfriends and sitting around a lake at the bottom of the swiss alps drinking amazing wine that did not give me a migraine (I get migraines from sulfites required to import wine into America). el awesome!

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  1. sarah says:

    yeah, I remember when I lifted that dress up on the street and asked if you had shorts on underneath. meaning I asked after I exposed you to the street, which made me feel like a Jr. high boy.
    I also remember all the “damn baby(s),” that dress elicits. Good work.
    slightly hotter than my summer uniform.

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