chuck bassian, non! MAIS OUIIIII!
Speaking of boyfriends, my new one is the star of the Taiwanese TV dramedy “Rolling Love (Go! Fried Rice).” Yes, I have been lately watching a lot of tv shows from Korea, Japan and Taiwan at night. Before I fall asleep, okay? What. Anyway, Jiro Wang is the boyfriend in question. He plays Michelin, a feared street gangster who gave it all up to take over the family diner when his dad died, only to find he has a NATURAL GIFT for making TRANSCENDANT FRIED RICE, for which everyone across the land flocks to his diner to eat. As far as I can tell it’s just egg, rice and scallions (p.s. am I lame if I learned how to make fried rice watching this show?), but it is the subtle simplicity of the dish that garners Michelin his aggressive foodie fans… and which will eventually find him love (according to the summary, I’m not to that episode yet).

Anyway Jiro Wang is totally adorable as Michelin and, obviously, he is in a popular BOY BAND called Fahrenheit. According to dramawiki, “He is the baritenor vocalist of the group. His publicized temperature is that of hot Summer, at 95 degrees. He also represents “Hot.” So there you have it, my new celebrity crush is the Justin Timberlake of Taiwan. God. I bore even myself with the painful predictability of my mantaste. It’s like, I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW. I have a sixth sense for picking out boy band members, celebrity DJ / producers and dudes who only listen to Southern rap. I need to start hanging out on the upper west side or some shit.
The coolest thing about Jiro Wang, besides his copious talents, is that he is a healthy eater. I know because he has starred in this commercial advising viewers to DRINK MORE WATER…

And this commercial advertising Po Mi Veggie Drink as an alternative to fried foods:

I will say this though. I don’t think it can work out cause um, I don’t really like his band.

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4 Responses to JIA YOU! DAN CHOU FAN

  1. sarah says:

    Um, despite the fact that the two of you could drink copious amounts of…water…together, you can’t do it. Remember our conversation about respecting the careers/talents of the men we date?
    Plus if you move to Japan and work for Fader Japan I will like, never see you. and you will have to learn Japanese which seems like a lot of work for a dude in a boy band.
    just saying.

  2. sarah says:

    Plus he would use all of your hair products. But, on a positive note, he might know how to clean up your wax spillage.

  3. sheppi says:

    tight clothes wowwwwww!!!! nah i shall comment in due time promise—cant quite yet tho

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