Reluctantly, I must direct you to a David Brooks column. Wherein he elucidated (before the decision) the reason Biden was the right choice. It helped assuage the pain of Obama’s decision not to choose Michael Phelps as his running mate. However, as Maureen informed me today, Phelps is presently mired in scandal anyway, having been seen canoodling in the Olympic Village with Australian swimmer and fellow gold medallist Stephanie Rice, ex-girlfriend of Eamon Sullivan, another Australian swimmer who, incidentally, LOST all his races to Michael Phelps. It is with consternation that I admit Biden was indeed the better choice, lest Phelps’ quasi-Edwardsian transgressions lead to scandal and the, god forbid, election of War McSame.
Speaking of, watch this ad; Obama’s killing it. I LOVE the reserved sarcasm of the narrator.

Also, what is McCain smoking that he thinks the “fundamentals of our economy are strong”? Oh maybe he’s talking about the need for unprecedented government backing of major financial institutions to keep our economy from smacking into the proverbial iceberg? Oh probably he “misheard” “housing crisis” as “housewarming party.” And showed up to Lil’ Bush’s with a bottle of Pinot, unannounced. Maybe we should schedule a sit-down between McCain and Dr. Doom, just for the perspective. In the meantime can McCain lay off the peyote at least until the RNC? Oh wait.. no we want him to stay ON the peyote, so his continuing ridiculous comments help Obama’s chances that much more. McCain: HOLLER AT THE DIVINE CACTUS! The DEA got you covered.

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  1. Maureen says:

    Michael Phelps may still be a good attorney general.

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