I really hate to disrespect Whitney like this–her first album, and the “Wanna Dance With Somebody” video, shaped me irrevocably-but her lyrics scroll through my mind every time I see a photo of Sarah Palin.
I want one moment in time
when I’m more than I thought I could be
when all of my dreams are
and the answers are all up to me
give me one moment in time
when I’m racing with DEEEESTINYYYYYYYyyyyYYYY
then in that one moment in time I will feel… I will feeeeell

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2 Responses to ONE MOMENT IN TIME

  1. mo says:

    palin in the white house…it would be rove’s greatest accomplishment. they would rob the place

  2. Sarah says:

    How unfortunate that we have the same name. To make myself feel better I’ve decided to list some cool Sarahs.
    1. Sarah Carpenter
    2. Sarah Cool (she runs a blog that provides recipes such as “sarah’s cool easy enchiladas,” and “Cool Sarah salad (which actually involves pickled onions and buttermilk blue cheese, gross).”
    3. Sarah Sze (awesome sculptor)
    4. Sarah Fisher (indy 500 car driver)
    5. Sarah Vaughan
    6. Sarah Connor (from the Terminator)
    ugh, there are a lot of singer-song writers and fantasy writers named Sarah. And also Sarah’s Law? which, if passed would require parental notification 48 hrs before performing an abortion on a minor in the state of California. maybe my name IS HORRIBLE.

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