I have a question to pose.
What is that irreversable action (or actions) that makes you realize you need to dead a friendship?
For me, this happens when said party does something that psychically, spiritually or ethically revolts me, i.e. narcotic drug addiction (sometimes), megalomania (usually), extreme-right social views (unless they are blood relations), and/or rawdog cheating (ew). I am really good at not being friends with people who transgress my probably-too-lenient boundaries. What about power-addiction? Major friendship-interfering vice and gluttony? Narcissism? Instances of disrespect piled one by one like so many princess-pea-mattresses? When do you cash it in and cut the leash?
Question B: Would you stop being friends with a someone who cornily chunked deuces and/or “ironic gang signs” in all their myspace photos?

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  1. Lewis says:

    digging your new look. Yesterday’s poodle was the butters.
    I think another important question is HOW you do the deed. I believe candor is key, instead of just passively call-screening the friendship away, be direct, explicit and honest. Then even if you can’t save the friendship, you may have done some good.

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