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Cole, Erin, Connie and I attended the Cat Show at MSG today, and I’m considering buying an exotic / hybrid domestic-wild cat. Servals are cute and freaky looking with their painterly ears, but I’m obsessed with how baby Caracals sound … Continue reading

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I have not updated for awhile. Normally I would like to have one specific topic to yammer on about but there’s too much going on. First off, we are completing our December issue, five weeks in the making. Terribly busy. … Continue reading

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And just when the pundits think she did okay, the New York Times has to go and transcribe what she actually said. You thought it wasn’t possible but yes, it is true: it looks far emptier on paper.

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The debates were, as predicted, infuriating. Senator Biden held it down (nay, killed it with his knowledge) and at times he and Gwen Ifill (and the viewers) seemed to be having an entirely different conversation than the cue-card-reading Palin. It … Continue reading

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