Home sick and feel like I wanna take a Dyson vacuum cleaner to my lungs, but got up early and walked the four blocks to the polling spot, at the public school down the way, “We HEART Michelle” button on the lapel. I’ve voted there about five times now, and it’s always a quickie in-and-out kinda experience… mostly because I feel like that school only covers about a four-block radius of greater BK. This time, though, first time ever, there were lines, and the whole deal took about 30 minutes. I saw my downstairs people, I saw my neighbor from down the block who used to be a dealer off the stoop but gave it up and started college last year, I saw the smiling faces of Boerum Hill and, while waiting in line to pull ye olde red lever for Precinct 63, I started crying, holding my coffee and looking all crappy and swole in the face from various illnesses and/or emotional outbursts. It was awesome not just for the experience of voting for someone I actually believe in, of voting for hopefully the nation’s first African-American president, the promise of a strong leader in the face of the quagmire, the potential relief from the last eight years of hell, the potential cessation of the US military’s illegal occupation of Iraq and redirection of troops to Afghanistan where our dying soldiers truly need help. It was awesome because I felt like I was part of a community of people that make up a neighborhood that make up a borough that make up a metropolitan area that make up a state that make up this country. In short: I FELT PATRIOTIC AS HELL. Maybe for the first time in my life, but definitely for the first time since I went to a Clinton rally in 1992 at an airport hangar in Cheyenne, Wyoming, at age 16, and felt like this dude would do us good, generationally, culturally, everything. I felt included, one in a whole, because that’s what we are.
Now, if McCain wins I’ll know I was wrong–that America doesn’t want me or anyone I know–but I’m gonna savor that and ride on it at least till midnight EST tonight. Please sweet baby Jesus and mysterious Prince Allah, G-d and whatever deity Stephen Hawking worships, Please math god and Zeus and the Israelites’ Golden Calf and the Merrill Lynch bull down on Wall, please let Barack Hussein Obama become the next President of the potentially awesome United States of America.

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  1. ritchey says:

    WE DID IT.
    We fucking did it. I didn’t let myself believe it until CNN interrupted with the breaking news that told the truth, and then I was screaming and crying, and everyone around me was screaming and it was the purest moment I have felt in so long. His speech was beautiful. I too felt, for the first time since a Nader rally in 2000, that I was one among many (in a good way), that there are others like me, and others not like me, but together we are a nation, and now we have a nation of hope. I remember in 2001 coming to the porch of Rip City right after September 11 and seeing you there and feeling like the whole world had gone crazy and you were the only person who didn’t call me a Nazi for pointing out the flaws in U.S. foreign policy…imagine, so long ago. Did we know what was in store for us? The eight years of hell, of anxiety, of torture and death? We did not. But we had an inkling. And it happened, and it got worse and worse and worse and never better, and we turned thirty (at least, I did), and the global village was a sad place. TONIGHT WE REINSTATED OURSELVES IN THE WORLD OF HUMANS.
    I am so happy right now, I don’t want to go to bed.

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