RIP MC Breed.

My last entry was election day… that is absurd. I didn’t even report about how the streets of Brooklyn burst like a pinata that night, so much joy spilling onto the streets like cellophane candy and rattling bigger, better, prettier than the New Year. Suffice to say… I been busy running a magazine. And now, now that I have a spare ten minutes to throw down on el personal bloggo, I have yet ANOTHER dislocated limb! My index finger. On my typing hand. T, R, G, B,F and V are affected. I hurt it while trying to stop a fistfight. I know this is how River Phoenix’s character was eventually stabbed to death in Stand By Me but I, like him, am a humanitarian. And, in the process of trying to stop the fight, I, wearing four-inch banana yellow Marc Jacobs pumps, was knocked to the ground and caught my finger on the end of the curb on Canal, just before the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge. I kept thinking, Home: it was just across it. Being fairly gangster and also having had an NYC ER experience that I do not rightly wish to relive, I simply popped my finger back into place. It now resembles a half-eaten sausage. Conveniently, I have a lot of typing to do this weekend. Looking forward to it!
After I hurt myself, the almost-fight ceased. No dudes like to see a girl in pain. Even dudes who want to pulverize each others’ faces.
Ladies and gentlemen, my bratwurst:

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2 Responses to BLOOD SAUSAGE

  1. Ouch. Here is to a quick recovery.
    Stopping a fight in 4-inch heels. Wow.

  2. JFK says:

    Holy cow julez you are hard-core

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