The water may be shitty, the traffic may be deadly, the rent may be retardedly high, the yummy tacqueria around the block may have closed cause of the economy, the dudes who moved out next door may have left their entire living room furniture set on the curb blocking your front door, the bodegas may never have decent produce or fresh milk, the kids down the block may be slanging, the older kids down the block may be popping shots, the taxes may be astronomical, the MTA may be cutting service and raising prices, the old governor may be a John, the new governor may hate you, the Mayor may be an asshole trazillionaire, the dudes your age may all want someone younger than you, the younger dudes may all want you but don’t have jobs, the weed may be overpriced, the alcoholism may be rampant, the streets may be dirty, the rats may be bloated, the yuppies may act like assholes pushing strollers down the sidewalk, but AS LONG AS THINGS LIKE THIS EXIST I will never, ever, ever be sad I live here.

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