On the eve of President Obama’s June 30 Iraq withdrawal deadline, I’d like to use this moment to send a bunch of hearty fuck-yous to Senator Boobsworth and the Dark Father for manipulating the American people and making an utter mockery of the values they purported to uphold. I’d also like to extend the official title of “American Hero” to the first person who scans and bittorrents every page of Cheney’s forthcoming memoir, which I will definitely be reading but most certainly will not be paying for. Bonus points to anyone who can get James Earl Jones to narrate the audiobook in Darth Vader respirator rasp.
It’s over, I guess, but what does it all mean? I couldn’t even tell you at this moment.*

*PS. This blog is officially resurrected. I can only attribute my three month absence to the lifestyle constant of putting out a magazine and a website and, to a more prominent degree, the devil’s web app. It will be far less personal and far more political and um, when the twain meet it will be about fashion. So yeah.

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