OH AND. If you are dying to hear said bitching sailor voice, on the radio it comes off more like “a high-pitched man doing Quiet Storm.” You can experience this spectacular audio beverage every Saturday on East Village Radio (dot com) from 4-6 PM EST, on my show Universopolis. It’s generally Latin/Afro-Caribbean dance music for raves and temazcals, though I reserve the right to play music from any country of my choosing.

Tomorrow, my special guest DJs/interviewees will be El G and Chancha via Circuito of Argentina and ZZK Records — a chance happening thanks to NYC monsoon season delaying their flights back to the motherland. Here’s my Cluster Mag feature about the incredible Chancha via Circuito’s journey into the heartbeat of Bolivian jungles and Andean mountaintops to make his new record. THIS WILL BE A SPECIAL THING.

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