A couple of months ago, I spent hours with Dee Dee Penny, leader of Dum Dum Girls, for a cover story for Self-Titled magazine. We walked around the NYU area forever like the loner nomads we both tend to be and discussed the events that fueled DDGs’ latest album Only in Dreams, which makes good on the promise of Spector girl groups, and amplifies their predecessors’ emotional energy, too. The album is largely about her mother’s sudden death, and about being apart from people you can’t live without. One day, after Dee Dee got out of therapy not far from where I go to therapy, we met in the Whole Foods Union Square food court. She was in the bathroom when I arrived so I slouched over by the coffee condiment section until she emerged wearing sunglasses. We talked about everything, forever.

The piece is viewable as a Philip K. Dick style virtual flip-mag here though it looks best on an iPad, or so I am told. With excellent photographs by Bryan Sheffield, who took the above photo as well.

One of my favorite songs from the album, “Caught in One”:

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