it’s just the light


omg guys, I am back!
the fine folks who host me went through a server change and a software upgrade, which got a bit more complicated than expected. but everything is almost back to normal and I am excited to be posting again.
friday night I am djing at the fabulous Low Life Salon grand opening, 4912 se division, 6-10, you should totally come and check it out. ask me about how I fell down and wrecked my knee WALKING ACROSS THE STREET in Seattle hours after I took this photo. Then check out all the awesome art and furniture and drink some beer.

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unexpected gnarliness


woah. dokuchan will be back to normal as soon as possible. including the removal of the giant mt4 logo and all this crud on the right –>
thanks for your patience
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talking about sounds

usually when I am in seattle this is my hood (what up columbia city), but right now I am in the midst of empopcon, which means I have been spending all my time within two blocks of here:
listening to smart people talk very intensely about music for a long weekend.
sorry for the scratchy photo, I took it with my laptop about ten minutes ago.

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i can haz cheekbones?

work party. next level. nice ladies.

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fail with a million pushpins


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yes yes

my idea of a perfect saturday night. drinks, snacks, tunes, games, and excellent conversation.

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tea time


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new setup

clover sold out to starbucks, and stumptown coffee instantly got rid of their clovers. here is the sweet new gravity-powered setup at the stumptown annex. yum!

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