caldera in the snows

obviously “blogging more” wasn’t my new years’ resolution. it’s funny how I can assiduously check my favorites and complain to myself that nothing new has been posted…then I realize I haven’t put anything up here in weeks.
but I have been taking tons of photos.
remember that art residency I got where I sold photos to have money for it? thanks for helping me out back then, it was awesome.
much needed time in the woods and a huge studio and constant stoking of the stove.
thanks so much to for all their hospitality and kindness

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  1. james says:

    oh man! i just realized your art residency was in grand rapids!! why didn’t i think of this! i have so many friends that would have loved to taken you out! we used to go out there for walks in the winter! also… we could have had you take pictures of all the different marushkas for is! we keep forgetting to record them during the summer season.
    hope your doing well!

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