non-sync’d (shutter and flash)

I tested out my new camera this weekend, it’s a lomo colorsplash. something is obviously wrong with it but I really like how they turned out.
claire just back from japan, where toothpaste comes in tiny tiny containers
one of the fine men of los abandoned, check them out!
zelda. nuff said.
miho. see her live if you can. girl is getting fierce on drums, also guitar.
another abandoned guy.
dana of new york city. I have decided I generally like girls named dana. names are weird.

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2 Responses to non-sync’d (shutter and flash)

  1. dalas says:

    I get this same effect from the Canon SD series of digital cams using “slow synchro” mode:

  2. Adrian says:

    My dog is named Zelda!

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