two hands one heart

I have been really bummed lately. Antioch College is being murdered by Antioch University. A better explanation can be found at tex’s blog , this chilling video , or . This place is where I was first exposed to Trin T Min-ha, Sadie Plant, Situationists, Deleuze, Shelter, Mayan Calendars and the notion of 2012, Rodan, Charles Mingus, The Heroic Trio, Morphogenetic Field Theory, Grey Gardens, Oscar Micheaux, Galactic Theory, a billion indie bands, Hakim Bey, Quantum Physics, Media Theory, Post-Structuralism, Philosophy of Science, picking wild morels, Robert Anton Wilson, Ethnobotany, Baudrillard and all those other french guys, Coltrane vs Ornette, on and on to infinity.
This place needs to exist, as it has since the 1850s, where the weirdest, smartest kid from every high school can feel not so weird and find people to talk to and learn from. The magical town of Yellow Springs, Ohio deserves it. So does the future.

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under water outer space


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sleep circles

the switches in the nest, dot overload at headquarters

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thunderclouds in a parking lot

stark and se 122nd

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such hard work


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things to come

lowlife salon opening soon. 50th and division.

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blinded by the white


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go back to those gold sounds

batting cages. super satisfying.
“teenaged nick cave on x” horse watches over wii bowling. the turks who had never bowled in real life did very well.
the fruit trees are blooming. my favorite kind is the thundercloud plum, but this is the foofy cherry kind that looks like heaven (if heaven was real).
we had a sushi party for kelly after the batting cages.
this hat of kelly’s makes every photo awesome. this is not kelly btw, and please ignore the date stamping i pressed by mistake on my camera. 2008, not 1998 dude.
sushi party! we ate it all, then we went skating at oaks park. happy birthday kelly! i am so glad you and andrius moved to portland. chicago’s loss is our sweet sweet gain.

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for your nest


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