Well summer is just flying along. Last month, Vin took his first trip to origin with fellow coffee-folk, Skip, Steve, Aleco and Mike. They flew to Colombia and in addition to riding horses to exotic locations, chowing down delicious food, picking coffee cherries off the branch, they also had a chance to see the first stages of the bean to cup cycle. Next time you pick up a bag or sip a cup of Colombia la Esperanza you might imagine a group of excited Portlanders learning the ropes of (coffee) cherry picking.
After that, we jumped right into the start of summer with the annual Mississippi St. Fair. The FP on Mississippi has been around for every one and by all accounts, this was the largest. It was nice to see the block filled with folks that seemed to be having a good time. On the other hand, that level of crazy busy is not something to look forward to on a regular basis. There’s a lot of development on that block and only time will tell what’s to come…
Following that, we were all knocked on the head by the yearly summer heat-wave. Funny how this seems to happen every year (kinda like the 5 days of snow in the winter) but it always takes us by surprise. For our part, we made CWE like it was going out of style and our air conditioner only crapped out once. One easily recognizable consequence of the heat (and Portland’s lack of preparation for it) is that the weirdo factor gets turned up significantly. As a native of Arizona I can attest to the truth behind that phenomenon – the heat does melt your brain.
Finally, the warm weather broke and we celebrated by heading over to Vin’s house for our company BBQ. Our friends at Widmer Brewing kicked down a keg, so we set up in the backyard with two grills, ping-pong, a couple of tables for Euchre and some delicious apps from our neighbors – Moxie Rx. Which reminds me, have you ever thought to yourself, what can I do to make this chicken sausage more delectable? The answer my friend – wrap that sucker in prosciutto and call it a day. Thanks Morgan!

Next up, the end of August brings the pain with the Hood to Coast Relay. Wish us luck as we get stinky and sore with our friends and teammates from Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

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