Cup It Up!

Whoa, there’s a lot of stuff to catch up on. This will be a quickie. Stumptown is rolling out a sh*t-ton of new crop. What that means for us is – it’s cupping time!
We met in the backroom of the FP North to meet up with Skip and his crazy big batch of Latins to try out.
Skip also included a new version of the most excellent Ethiopia Mordecofe and lo and behold – the first ever Direct Trade Indonesian coffee from Stumpy – bonus, in a peaberry!
Last but not least, Stumptown has stepped up to the plate and delivered with a new decaf. The regular version of Honduras Finca El Puente has long been a staff favorite. Stumpy blew our little minds with the news of a decaffeinated version. Most decafs are like emaciated urchins crying out for more flavor and body. Not this one. It retains a bunch of sweetness and has the slightest tinge of raisin/caramel action. All in all, a nice cup of coffee for the caffeine sensitive crowd.

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  1. dalas v says:

    I totally bought that peaberry coffee when I saw it on the menu because of a previous cupping of a different peaberry at Fresh Pot. It’s tasty!

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