Coffee Fest 2009

So once a year, the city of Seattle is bombarded with a wave of hyper-caffeinated industry folk wandering around downtown, Capitol Hill and eventually – the convention center. Why, you ask? Coffee Fest. At it’s most basic, CFest is a trade show that has all the pluses and minuses of any large gathering of people looking to buy or sell stuff. Beyond that, it’s a great chance to rub elbows with all the goofy characters in the national coffee scene and to truly see that yes, sometimes we really do take things a touch too seriously…
The weekend is also the setting for a bunch of competitions. Some of them are informal affairs at local cafes, maybe after hours drink making sessions (jams) where the aim is to drink as much beer as espresso and pour your drink in the most ridiculous container possible. Others are sanctioned with sponsorships and prizes. Our man, Jason Walker will be at such an event. Yes, the man that brought you this:
And this:

Will try to bring home the bacon, latte-art wise. Good luck Mr. Walker!

If you’re up in the Emerald City this week, be sure to keep an eye out for a gaggle of tattooed, messenger bag wearing, brown finger waving ne’er-do-wells – chances are, they’ll make your coffee in the morning.

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