Trailblazers, coffee and you.

Yes. We made it through the holidays. The days are getting a little longer and you can almost see the sun for more than a couple of hours. Also, the Portland Trailblazers are doing well.
Our friend Nathan is also a Blazers fan and when he’s not working, record hunting or sleeping, he’s probably talking about the NBA. He also happens to run a collaborative ‘zine called “Fake Your Own Death“. A few months ago, he came to us with an idea for a Trailblazers themed art show. Katie and Morgan (our outgoing and incoming art curators) were into it. Nathan put the word out for submissions and lo and behold, an awesome Greg Oden portrait is hanging on our wall. Come check it out at the Fresh Pot on Mississippi before the month of January is over.
Also, our pals over at the Stumptown Roastery have just released a ton of new crop. We now have two new offerings from Burundi, five from Colombia, two from Rwanda and one from Kenya. Delicious. It’s especially nice to have the Colombia La Piramide since that is the farm that Vin (FP owner) was able to visit last year.
Also, if you have time this Sunday evening (January 31), come on down to Mississippi Studios (just down the block from the shop) for an anniversary show for FP North. The cafe opened its doors during the first week of February in 2002. We’ve had a great run (8 years) so far and we’d like to have a beer with you. Three bands featuring FP staff will be there to entertain you. It’s your chance to see us out from behind the counter.

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  1. dalas v says:

    That bike is sick.

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