Finally, Sunshine.

OMG. The sun finally decided to come out. Lookout Portland, summer is in full swing!
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We have a ton of stuff to do in the next couple of months. Thankfully, we have our new version of our classic cold-brewed coffee on hand to power us through — Hello Summer! Next, we have thrown our collective hats in the ring for the coveted summer league softball trophy. The FP team will face off against the crew from Por Que No, Tupelo Alley and other assorted teams from our North Portland neighborhood. First game is Thursday, June 24 at Overlook Park and yes, beer will be involved.
After that, we have the Mississippi Street Fair on Saturday, July 10. Each year the fair gets a little bigger and this one should be gigantic, as well. We kind of have the feeling that Portlanders are ready to burst out onto the streets in shorts and flip-flops and any excuse to traipse around with hot dogs and beer is welcome. Also during the fair, be sure to come on by and say hello to the crew from Bikes to Rwanda. They’ll be in front of the cafe with information on how you can spread the message and get involved.
Last up is the real deal, the destroyer of shins, the much anticipated adventure known as the annual Hood to Coast Relay. We are partnering with our pals at Stumptown Coffee Roasters once again. We have a team of returning veterans and we’re ready to tear up some asphalt (and maybe a ligament or two) along the way.
Wish us luck! Drop on in and say hello and don’t forget to use some sunscreen out there…

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