Cupping With Aleco… and Softball.

The Fresh Pot is one of the oldest Stumptown accounts in the city. We’ve been serving Stumpy’s coffee since the cafe on Division handled the bulk of the roasting. Over the years we’ve witnessed plenty of changes and growth within the ranks of our fair roaster but one of the most impressive moves has been the addition of Aleco ChigounisDirector of Coffee for Stumptown. Aleco has been in the coffee business forever. His dad worked for Lacas Coffee Company in Philadelphia and Aleco spent some time there packing coffee and running deliveries. After a few stopovers in Costa Rica and L.A., he landed in Portland and immediately went to work.
Our long-running relationship with the Stumpies has its share of perks. The most recent one was an invitation to hang out in the cupping lab at Stumptown HQ with Aleco. There’s been a surge of recent arrivals from Latin America and Aleco wanted to give us his personal run-down on the new offerings.
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And so on Wednesday, we met up at the cupping lab around the corner from the Divsion cafe for some time with Aleco. We cupped new offerings from Guatemala Finca el Injerto (an old standby and one of Stumptown’s longest running Direct Trade relationships), Panama Duncan Estate, Honduras Finca el Puente, Costa Rica Brumas del Zurqui (a fantastic example of a honey-process coffee), Ethiopia Michelle, the Kenya Ngunguru and the absolutely stellar Kenya Kangunu.
We spent over an hour cupping and discussing the flavor profiles and the back-stories of each coffee. My new personal favorite is the Brumas del Zurqui from Costa Rica — in fact, I’m polishing off a French Press of it as I write this. The new offering from Injerto once again proved that fantastic coffee is an achievement on many different levels. Aleco told us how a visit to Arturo Aguirre’s farm is a portrait of dedication and consistency. It’s an incredible cup and even dry on the table evoked a strong fragrance of jasmine — so awesome. We really appreciated our time with Aleco since he has so little of it to spare. Come Monday, he’ll be off on a plane to Indonesia.
Thanks Aleco!
We just wrapped up our second week in the summer softball league. So far, we are 0 – 2. But hey, we’re just slow starters and can you blame us when there’s beer involved? Our role models are a little more Bad New Bears than New York Yankees and in that light, we’re doing just fine. We certainly look like we know what we’re doing…
Let’s go team!

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