Keeping One Foot In Front The Other.

Is it really that time again? Summer has just flown by and with the last days of August comes the pain & pleasure explosion known as the Hood to Coast Relay.
197 miles. 1000 teams. 12 runners in two vans. And with us, enough coffee (both pressed and cold-brewed) to keep us up for 36 hours straight. This is our 4th (5th?) year running with our pals over at the roastery. The legs all tend to blur together at this point so the count could be a little off.
Van 1 is powered by the Stumpies. They have a crackerjack team with a pretty good mix of HTC veterans and newbies. Our buddy Skip will try to keep his quads from disintegrating as he checks off Leg 1 from Timberline. Van 2 is powered by the FP and friends. Our customers Jill and Amber keep us on our feet and from talking entirely about coffee. We’ll be making our way back to Portland sometime around midnight on Friday. Look for us — we’ll be under the Hawthorne bridge (with about 2,000 other people). After that, only two more legs and 90 miles to go!
If you see us creaking and limping behind the bar next week — now you know why…

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  1. Peregrineb says:

    Good luck! I’m curious about the gear. I wanna know about shoes and running clothes. What is your team using.
    I guess what I’m saying is: what are you wearing? :)

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