Veegan Fury

Dear Mr. Brown,
I read your “Hot Knives” recipe column “Tofu Stroganoff” with interest, and I am a vegan who doesn’t poison himself, only to find the recipe includes an egg, a stick of butter, and wine.
Eggs are the product of callous humans caging up birds. Butter is ditto from cows. After these fellow creatures are no longer useful, they are sent to slaughterhouses (perhaps to make pet food).
Wine is from vegan sources, then fermented to produce alcohol, a poison!
Slaughtered creatures are filled with poison: cholesterol, adrenaline (from fear), etc.
Cash-wise, a healthy vegan diet does not cost nearly as much as an omnivore one does. Honey too is not vegan, as bees suffer in the wooden hives human omnivores have built. Add sea salt and wisdom, and everyone will be happy except the butchers et al.
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